The Roxy Academy

We teach the latest techniques of today that will inspire and lead you into tomorrow.
Want to be the best at what is going on today, but also want to be a leader in the industry.
The Roxy academy is where you need to be. Not only will we showcase the latest trends, but also prepare you for future trends.
A unique look at current color chemistry and application that will allow you the creative freedom to not only be on trend, but be ahead and create your own.

Our 2-day academy will dive into color chemistry and current color application such as color melting, balyayage, baby lights, base adjusting, toning and personal highlighting. Featuring Geometix+ dry cutting you will be given all the tools you need to become the stylist you want to be. You will learn how to cut hair; not just do a haircut. This empowering combination will be finished with a tutorial on how to be “instafamous”. Whether you desire to be the best in your city or reach for that NAHA this is where you need to be!

Our plan, our “hairdresser” schedule. Arrive Saturday for our cocktail gathering. Sunday you get to sleep in, then we get to work with a color demo in the morning followed by lunch and then a hands-on color afternoon! Wait. The day is not through. We take you to dinner followed by a free night at the hotel. Get some rest, we did let you sleep in. An early start for Monday as we have a lot to share. Demo Geometix+ cutting in the morning, we have lunch and some creative afternoon hands on cutting followed up with our how to “be” empowered by social media.
Did we forget to mention we pay for everything you need while you’re here! All that you need is to book your flight, bring your shears and come enjoy the Roxy Academy. Dream, envision, create!. That’s it!